Your Swim Area Secured.

The WaveLink Secure Hub monitors water surrounding freshwater docks for dangerous electricity. When linked to the WaveLink Secure mobile app, you can monitor your dock from anywhere at anytime and identify dangerous conditions so you can protect the ones you love even when you're not at the lake.

The WaveLink Secure Hub

WaveLink Secure uses patented technology to detect electricity in water throughout the swimming area. Visual and audible alerts notify people on the dock of dangerous conditions.


The WaveLink Secure App

The WaveLink Secure App provides direct access to your dock from anywhere. Get alerts about dangerous conditions, check water temperature and clarity, review 30 days of data, and more.


Preventing ESD

Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) is an underreported threat in freshwater lakes, but you can take action. Read our tips and take simple steps to keep your loved ones safe.


Learn how the WaveLink Hub works.

About WaveLink Secure

After a series of electric shock drownings (ESD), Master Electrician Roger Miller received requests from clients for a recommendation to detect dangerous electricity in water. He tested all of the available products on the market, and realized that none of them were capable of monitoring a swimming area without generating false alarms. He reached out to engineers Matt Fitzgerald and Arnar Thors to work on a solution. 

This team created the first smart device that learns the waterscape around your dock. It continuously monitors your structure and the surrounding water, using machine learning to increase sensitivity without generating false alarms. 

Finally, dock owners have access to the information they need to secure what matters.



All clear for good times.


Unit is calibrating


Dangerous conditions detected.

What's happening on your dock?