WaveLink Secure’s cutting-edge technology and user-friendly app is a reliable safety device to prevent electrical accidents and protect lives on freshwater docks. Our innovative system has transformed dock safety for our satisfied customers. Read their heartfelt testimonials to understand why WaveLink Secure is the right choice to detect electricity in the water.

Dock at night with blue light

"Man, does that blue light make us feel safe. Love our new WaveLink Secure system!"

-S. Robinson
Dock at night with blue light

“Making sure my family is safe while at the lake is very important to me. WaveLink Secure gives me that extra sense of security that allows us to not worry about electricity in the water. We come to the lake to relax and WaveLink Secure allows us to do so.”

-J. Stewart
Dock at night with blue light

“I’ve owned just about every device made as my friend lost his daughter on Smith Lake to ESD (Electric Shock Drowning). The false alarms made us not really pay attention, kind of like “crying wolf”, as time went on the less we paid attention because of all the false readings. WaveLink Secure is a game changer – Wi-Fi, cellular and absolutely love the app. If my college age daughter is there with her friends, I can easily check in on the status from anywhere. Hard to buy piece of mind!”

-B. Wynn
Dock at night with blue light

"We use our lake home to do a lot of entertaining over the Summer. With friends and family bringing lots of children around, WaveLink Secure allows us to fully enjoy socializing at the lake knowing that we have a device scanning and watching the water for dangerous electricity. We are so glad we had our system installed and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in increasing their level of security at their dock."

-K. Black
Dock at night with blue light

"With two teenage daughters, there is plenty to worry about and especially so when at the lake. WaveLink Secure allows me to receive notifications should a dangerous electricity situation occur. I pray it never does, but I feel more secure knowing we have a device in place which is looking out for all of us.”

-E. Smith
Dock at night with blue light

“We’ve had WaveLink Secure for a while now. The blue light is our favorite aspect. This is a major improvement over others we have owned in the past”

-V. Sparks

Russel Marine chose WaveLink Secure to protect their marinas.

We're really excited to have bene selected by Russell Marine to add our WaveLink Secure system to the Kowaliga Marina and The Ridge Marina. It's awesome to see them putting their customers' safety first, and we take that as t he highest compliment.