The WaveLink Secure Story

The people of Lake Tuscaloosa experienced tremendous sadness and anxiety in the summer of 2017 when voltage from an exposed underwater electrical line immobilized 2 swimmers, causing another instance of electric shock drowning. What could have been done to identify these dangerous conditions? How could they be sure this wouldn't happen again?

It was a tragedy that should never have to be repeated.

Keeping Swimmers Safe

Roger Miller is an electrical contractor who grew up on the lake. Because of his status in the trade and the community, friends and clients turned to him for advice on detecting dangerous electricity in the water. Several devices purported to detect electricity in water, but Roger isn't the kind of guy who recommends something he hasn't tried, so he bought them all and tested them. When he lowered an electricity source into the lake, he was surprised that not one of the devices detected the danger. In fact, none of the devices could detect anything unless they were just a few feet from the source.

Read more about Roger on our blog. 

The following week, Roger attended a Bible Study at Fitz-Thors Engineering. He shared his frustration in trying to find a device that could keep swimmers safe. As it turned out, he was talking to the right people at the right time.

A Providential Conversation

Arnar Thors grew up in Decatur, AL, but he spent every weekend at Smith Lake. He helped build his family's cabin and dock from the ground up, and he knew the role that lake life plays in the life of a family.  

Arnar's business partner, Matt Fitzgerald, grew up in south Alabama. He is also raising his family at the lake as he and his wife spend countless hours at his in-law's place at the lake.

Matt and Arnar value family time and work very hard to keep their families safe. Read more about Matt and Arnar on our blog.

So when Roger mentioned the challenges he encountered as he searched for a device to keep swimmers safe, they were already thinking along the same lines. In fact, they'd already outlined the technological innovation that would allow them to detect electricity at more than 10x the range without the false positives plaguing older devices.  

Roger, Matt, and Arnar decided that providence had brought them together and wondered whether their expertise as engineers and electrical contractors uniquely positioned them to solve the problem the older devices hadn't solved. 

And WaveLink Secure was born with a mission to provide accurate information about dangerous conditions so dock owners can have peace of mind that swimmers are safe in the water.

WaveLink Secure

WaveLink Secure uses patented technology to identify the unique fingerprint of electricity from the grid or another dangerous source. This keeps the entire swimming area safe by extending the monitoring range without generating false positives. When WaveLink Secure detects electricity in the water, it sounds an audible alarm, activates a visual beacon on the dock, and sends an alert to your smartphone through the WaveLink Secure app.

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