• Gratitude by the Water: Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Lake

    This Thanksgiving, consider breaking away from tradition and embracing the beauty of nature by celebrating the holiday at the lake. Here's a guide on how to create a memorable and meaningful lakeside Thanksgiving celebration.
  • Embracing the Tranquility: Fall Activities by the Lake

    As the days grow shorter and a cool, crisp breeze fills the air, there's no better place to be than by a tranquil lake in the midst of autumn. Lakeside settings offer a unique and serene backdrop for embracing the beauty of the fall season. Let’s explore a variety of activities to do at the lake during the fall season, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature's vibrant transformation.
  • Poor Man Poker Run - Lewis Smith Lake - Aug 5th, 2023

        The team here at WaveLink strongly believes that we have a responsibility to be involved in making more than just great products, we also want to make a difference in the lives of people who live or visit freshwater lakes.  With that in mind, WaveLink announced that it is the Main Event Sponsor for the 2023 Poor Man Poker Run at Lewis Smith Lake.
  • Electric Shock Drowning – What You Need to Know

    Electric Shock Drowning is known as a silent killer because there is no visible warning or way to tell if water surrounding a boat, marina or dock is energized or within seconds will become energized with fatal levels of electricity. 
  • Tips to get your dock ready for Spring

    Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get your boat out of storage. Before you get started, though, there are some things you need to do first — like check the dock itself and its equipment. Here are some tips on how to get your dock ready for spring boating:
  • Water Safety Tips: How do I protect my whole family?

    Spring is right around the corner! Time to head to the lake and enjoy some fun in the sun. But what do you do when your children want to go for a swim? 
  • How to Prevent Electric Shock Drowning: Tools & Tips

    Electric shock drowning is MOST dangerous when you're uninformed. Here's how to prevent electric shock drowning.
  • Become an Entrepreneur: How to Make More Money Renting Your Lake Home

    Renting out your lake home is a great way to earn some extra cash. Using the entrepreneurial skills you have at hand, you can create a top-performing rental in your community in just a few weeks’ time.
  • What Changing Lake Levels Mean for My Dock

    Changing lake levels can cause problems for dock owners. Learn more about what causes water levels to fluctuate and how to respond.
  • Should You Retire at the Lake? What to Know Before Investing In a Lake Home

    Lakes are some of the best places to retire by the water. Learn more about how to make the right investment, so you can retire at the lake house of your dreams.
  • What Can Cause Electrical Currents in the Water and How to Protect Your Family

    Boating, swimming, fishing, waterskiing- there’s nothing like summer at the lake! Your days should be spent bathing in the sun and enjoying your friends and family- not worrying for their safety. 
  • The WaveLink Story: How An Engineer's Mindset Is Making The Lake Safe

    "We spent years developing the approach, testing, and adapting. There was no way we were going to launch some product until we were sure it could perform its most important task. We knew we had to get this right before we took it to market,’" said Arnar.