Become an Entrepreneur: How to Make More Money Renting Your Lake Home

Lake home vacations are one of the greatest ways to spend the summer with family. They are relaxing, and peaceful, and offer plenty of ways to have fun without the hustle and bustle of city life. If you own a lake home, but don’t live there year round, you may consider utilizing it as a passive income vehicle for vacation rentals. 

Renting out your lake home is a great way to earn some extra cash. Using the entrepreneurial skills you have at hand, you can create a top-performing rental in your community in just a few weeks’ time. 

Advantages of Renting Your Lake Home 

  • Extra income can be used for renovations - If you’ve been dreaming of renovating your dock or redecorating some of the rooms in your lake home, renting can provide you with the income to comfortably make these changes. 
  • You’ll be helping the local economy - Many lake homes are built in rural, quiet communities. If you rent out your lake home, you’ll be boosting the local economy by bringing in tourism. 
  • Your investment won’t “go to waste” - Some people feel guilty for owning a second piece of property that is only used a few weeks or months out of the year. By renting out your place, you’ll make the most of your investment and provide others with the opportunity to enjoy your lakeside view. 

Ways to Improve Your Lake Home for Renting

If you’re ready to list your lake home for rent, there are a few things you should do to ensure your home stands out from the crowd: 

  • Invest in the right decor - While you may have particular styles and preferences for interior decorating, you want to make your lake home palatable to most renters. Invest in modern amenities and appliances. However, don’t neglect homey touches to give it the “lakeside cabin” feel!
  • Provide family-friendly activities and itineraries - Investing in swimming gear, kayaks, a fire pit, and other amenities guests will enjoy can make your lake home stand out on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. You can also create brochures for guests directing them to hidden gems within the community, such as your favorite ice cream shop or nature trail. 
  • Create a safer vacation experience - Lake homes are popular rentals for families, which means child safety is a top priority. You should be careful to not only child-proof the home itself, but install safety measures for the dock, pool, and any other area near the lake itself. 

WaveLink offers a safety measure that will help your rental stand above the rest for family-friendly safety and security. Our dock monitoring system detects dangerous electricity in the water surrounding your lakeside dock, preventing accidental drownings and electric shocks to your renters. 

Previously, these sorts of electrical hazards were nearly impossible to detect, but because of our patented technology, we can help you prevent electric shock drowning for both you and your renters. 

To learn more about your safety options for lakeside docks, contact the WaveLink team today!