Gratitude by the Water: Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Lake

As the crisp autumn air settles over the lake, and the leaves don their vibrant hues, there's no better place to gather with loved ones and express gratitude than by the tranquil waters. This Thanksgiving, consider breaking away from tradition and embracing the beauty of nature by celebrating the holiday at the lake. Here's a guide on how to create a memorable and meaningful lakeside Thanksgiving celebration.


Scenic Feasting

Choose a picturesque spot by the lake for your Thanksgiving feast. Whether it's a lakeside cabin, a cozy picnic area, or a deck with a view, let the natural beauty be the backdrop for your celebration. Set up a table with autumn-inspired decorations, and if the weather permits, consider an outdoor feast surrounded by breathtaking scenery.  

Fireside Thanksgiving Dinner

If there's a designated fire pit or a fireplace near the lake, plan a fireside Thanksgiving dinner. Roast your turkey or other main dish over an open flame, infusing a rustic and aromatic quality to your meal. Don't forget the marshmallows for some post-feast s'mores by the fire!

Lake-Inspired Menu

Incorporate the flavors of the lake into your Thanksgiving menu. Consider serving freshly caught fish or other local lake delicacies. Side dishes can include wild rice, roasted vegetables, and seasonal fruits, creating a menu that reflects both the natural surroundings and the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Gratitude Gathering

Before diving into the feast, take a moment for a gratitude circle by the lake. Share what you're thankful for and encourage others to express their gratitude. The serene setting of the lake enhances the reflective atmosphere, allowing everyone to appreciate the beauty of nature and the connections with family and friends.  Take that family picture you will be sharing all year long!

Outdoor Activities

Thanksgiving at the lake offers the perfect opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, go for a hike, or embark on a boat ride to fully immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. If the lake allows, consider water activities like kayaking or paddleboarding for a unique Thanksgiving adventure.

Community and Connection

Invite friends and family to join in the celebration. Create a sense of community by organizing group activities such as a friendly lakeside football game, a nature scavenger hunt, or a communal potluck where everyone contributes a dish to share. Building connections and fostering a spirit of togetherness will make your lakeside Thanksgiving truly special.


Celebrating Thanksgiving at the lake provides a unique and refreshing experience that blends the warmth of tradition with the beauty of nature. Whether you're enjoying a fireside feast, expressing gratitude by the water, or exploring the outdoors with loved ones, a lakeside Thanksgiving is sure to create lasting memories and deepen your appreciation for the blessings of the season.