How the WaveLink Hub and App Work Together to Safeguard Your Lake Experience

When you go to the lake, it’s an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. It's a chance to make memories and have fun. You ought to be able to relax and focus on your family without having to worry about preventable tragedies like electric shock drowning (ESD). 

ESD occurs when dock appliances like outlets, refrigerators, TVs, and boat lifts leak dangerous voltage in the water. This underreported threat is behind a number of unexplained drownings in the United States because even small amounts of voltage in the water can result in muscle paralysis. Voltage differentials in the water often occur sporadically, making them difficult to detect. We were distraught when friends shared stories of loved ones lost to this preventable tragedy, so we used our expertise as engineers, master electricians, AND lake homeowners to explore solutions. 

We are thrilled to announce that WaveLink is launching in 2022. WaveLink detects electricity in water and alerts you when dangerous conditions exist. 

A Hub On Your Dock

The WaveLink Hub is the heart of the WaveLink system. The Hub monitors your dock and the surrounding water for hazardous conditions, such as voltage in the water. When dangerous electricity is detected, it produces audible and visual alerts to notify everyone on the dock and sends alerts directly to your phone via the WaveLink App. 

While this isn't the first device used to detect electricity in freshwater, it is the first to monitor the entire swimming area around the dock effectively.Sensitivity on the previous generation of products had to be turned down very low to avoid false positives, rendering the devices ineffective at monitoring more than a few square feet of water. 

Read more about WaveLink's technical advances that improve accuracy and sensitivity.

WaveLink uses machine learning to recognize dangerous electricity's unique fingerprint in water, dramatically increasing sensitivity across the swimming area. This enables the device to differentiate between dangerous electricity and “noise” in the water with accurate monitoring for dangerous electricity at more than 100 feet, a range ten times greater than competitors can accurately achieve.

Stay Connected To Your Dock...From Anywhere

The WaveLink App keeps you connected to your dock from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Whether sitting in your office or on the way to the lake, the app connects to the WaveLink Hub to provide real-time alerts about dangerous voltage in the water around your dock. These alerts, along with the Hub's audio and visual alerts on the dock, equip you to keep everyone safe even when you aren't with them on the dock. The WaveLink App is particularly useful for identifying intermittent issues. You can see specific times when alerts were triggered to hone in on environmental conditions that could be causing a dangerous situation. 

And the app communicates a lot more than just dangerous conditions. The app can provide information about water temperature, clarity, barometric pressure, and more. WaveLink also keeps 30 days of historical data in the cloud, so you can identify trends and intermittent problems before swimmers are at risk.

What if a power outage takes your dock offline when you aren't at the lake to do anything about it? The WaveLink App can let you know about this, too! It can even help you isolate a dangerous problem if a breaker trips while you aren’t at the lake.

Monitoring Conditions, Wherever You Are

The WaveLink Hub and app work hand in hand to provide the information you need to keep your loved ones safe no matter where you are. Are you planning time at the lake or inviting friends to share your dock? Check the app! Get extra peace of mind while you're packing when you see that the water has been warm, clear, and voltage-free for the past month. 

With WaveLink, friends, family, and pets can swim with peace of mind. Sign up for the latest news about WaveLink here!