How WaveLink Compares to Other Water Shock Detection Products

WaveLink technically isn’t the only smart dock and water shock detection device on the market, but it’s the only one that provides the information you need to keep your family safe as they swim around your dock. We know that because we've tested them all.

If you’re looking for a shock detection device for your dock, here’s what sets us apart from the competition. 

Testing Out Every Option

Following tragic electric shock drownings (ESD) on Lake Tuscaloosa several years ago, customers of our founder Roger Miller‘s electrical contracting businesses began asking about a product that would alert them of dangerous conditions around their docks. 

Before making a recommendation, Roger purchased the most popular shock protection product and tested it for himself. The results were frightening. 

The device didn’t detect electricity in the water unless it was inches away from the voltage source. 

So Roger kept searching. 

He purchased every shock detection device he could find, running the same tests for each one. He was startled to find that none of the products provided accurate detection of electricity, and many had a minimum voltage detection threshold far higher than what causes electric shock drowning. 

Additionally, these devices couldn't differentiate between dangerous electricity and natural fluctuations in the environment, causing many false positives. Roger knew he had to find a better option to keep people’s friends and family safe at the lake.

In discussions with Matt Fitzgerald and Arnar Thors at Fitz-Thors Engineering, who were aware of the same issues, they decided to partner to create a solution that worked.

Read the rest of Roger Miller’s story here! 

Patented Technology

Many competing devices rely on outdated technology that only measures differential voltage, making them overly sensitive and causing many false alarms. The sensitivity levels of these devices can often be adjusted, but this leads to a very small radius of protection in the water. Some competitors even recommend purchasing multiple devices to monitor the water around a dock adequately.  

WaveLink uses patented technology to learn the water around your dock and provide alerts when conditions are unsafe for swimming. This allows for accurate electricity detection without any false alarms.

Greater Detection Area

The top products claim a detection range of less than 80 feet. While this might cover the area immediately around your dock, it won't detect voltage sources around nearby docks. And even the low detection range the products claim is many times higher than the real-world results we saw in our tests. 

WaveLink detects electricity up to 150 feet from your dock with unmatched accuracy. This covers more swimming area to provide the information you need to take action to keep your family and friends safe.

Get Alerts on Your Dock & Wherever You Are 

The WaveLink Hub works in harmony with our WaveLink App, so you can be alerted of dangerous conditions no matter where you are.

The Hub gives audible and visual alerts when electricity is detected in the water. Our app provides real-time access to information about critical conditions, power surges, power outages, and more. 

WaveLink also stores 30 days of historical data in the cloud to identify trends and intermittent problems to understand the potential for dangerous swimming conditions better. 

WaveLink for Your Dock and Your Protection

We are passionate about the quality of our product and its ability to help you keep your friends and family safe at the lake. WaveLink is the only shock detection device out there that provides accurate, convenient safety alerts without false alarms.

WaveLink is available for pre-sale, and quantities are limited! We have done all the work necessary to ensure this product meets our standards and is worthy of our reputation. 

You can reserve your WaveLink Hub here while supplies last

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