Lake Safety Tips: Enjoy Peace of Mind When at the Lake

What’s the best part about going to the lake? When you consider taking the boat out for a spin, going for a swim, having a picnic with your family on the dock, and endless hours of fun and laughter, it’s arguable that every part of going to the lake is the best part. 

While you’re at the lake, you want to be able to focus on relaxing and spending time with family and friends. As you do so, there are some important tips and rules to remember so that you can ensure no harm comes to anyone while out in the water. 

To help you stay “Lake Smart”, we have some practical tips to remind you how to leave your worries behind and enjoy your time on the water.

Secure What Matters: Always Wear a Life Vest 

Our family and friends are the most important, and we need to secure everyone’s safety with a properly fitted life vest. Regardless of each person’s swimming abilities and confidence, or the size and perceived safety of your boat, each person should be wearing a life vest when close to water. Here are two tips to assure proper fit:

  • If you can put more than 3 finger-widths in the gap between your shoulders and the shoulder area of the life vest, your life vest is too big and the vest will not keep your head above water.
  • For children, while their arms are raised if the vest rises up over their face, the life vest is too large and will not help them stay afloat.

Ideally, a life vest should help you float vertically, but not rise up over your nose and mouth. Remember that fun noodles, inner tubes, inflatable toys, and other water gear are not replacements for a life vest. 

Check the Weather

Storms and inclement weather can come quickly, and being on the water can be hazardous or even deadly! Always check the forecast and ensure you have ample time to have fun on the lake, dock the boat and get everyone inside. The WaveLink App gives a detailed report of the conditions in your swimming area as well as a 30-day history. This gives you the data you need and can help you avoid going out in dangerous conditions. 

Enjoy Life’s Waves Safely

One of the biggest draws that water has is that it’s fun for the whole family! Whether swimming, boating, fishing, or lounging on the dock, nearly everyone enjoys being around the water. If you are going out with children or others who don’t know how to swim, consider having them learn. However, even competent swimmers can get stuck in dangerous situations. Follow these tips and enjoy the waves!

  1. Always stay alert. Accidents can happen in a split second and while we know your phone can capture precious moments or play your song list, it only takes a moment for someone to go underwater and panic. 
  2. Supervise children. Children get caught up in the excitement and can jump without thinking. Running on a slippery dock or swimming alongside the boat can have them drowning in an instant. And, when a child goes underwater he or she is likely to forget how to swim in a moment of panic.
  3. Don’t dive. Lakes can have unseen dangers lurking below, such as rocks, submerged trees, or a shallow spot. Hitting your head can cause irreparable injuries or even death. 

Your Link to Peace of Mind

Using WaveLink can help you be aware of invisible dangers in the water, and lets everyone enjoy life’s waves safely. Using patented technology, the app can notify you with audible and visual alerts so that you can let your family and friends know to stay out of the water. Docks and marinas can transmit high levels of electricity that are conducted by the water. Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) occurs more commonly than you would expect, and WaveLink is here to alert you so that you can keep your family safe. 

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