Tips to get your dock ready for Spring

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get your boat out of storage. Before you get started, though, there are some things you need to do first — like check the dock itself and its equipment. Here are some tips on how to get your dock ready for spring boating:

Inspecting Your Dock

It's time to get your dock in shape for spring. Before you start cleaning and painting, take a moment to inspect it carefully.

  • Check for damage: Look for loose boards, corrosion, and missing hardware.
  • Check for loose or broken cleats: If you have any cleats that are loose or broken, now is the time to replace them with new ones from your local hardware store--they're inexpensive and easy to install!

Check your dock posts: If you see any of the above problems with your dock posts, now is the time to replace them too. As long as you're cleaning and inspecting the dock, why not give it a fresh coat of paint?


The spring season is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. It's also the perfect opportunity to get your dock ready for summer, whether that means cleaning, repairing, and restoring old parts of your dock or adding new ones.

Here are some tips to help ensure you have a safe, functional, and enjoyable docking experience:

  • Cleaning - Make sure all surfaces are clean before storing boats on them. This includes cleaning off algae growths as well as removing any debris that has accumulated over winter months (such as leaves).
  • Repairing and Restoring – Your dock is exposed to the weather elements all Winter long, so normal wear and tear should be expected. Keeping your dock in good shape will ensure you will have less issues to deal with during the boating season.

Examining Your Boat Lift

When you're looking at your boat lift, there are a few things to check. First of all, examine the condition of all cables and parts of the lift. Are they frayed or worn? If so, you'll want to replace them immediately.

Next up: make sure that your boat lift is properly installed. It should sit level on flat ground (and be in good shape) with no wobble when you move it back and forth by hand. Also make sure all switches work properly--if not, call someone who can fix them!

Finally--and most importantly--make sure that everything looks safe before getting into your boat! This includes checking that motors aren't overheating (they should feel cool), making sure they're properly lubricated (that means oiling up gears), and checking for any loose wires or other safety hazards.

Check Your Floats, Accessories and Safety Gear

One of the most overlooked areas of preparation for one’s dock is always the safety devices.  It is always a good practice at the beginning of Spring to make sure you are prepared for life’s mishaps for both protecting yourself, your family, your guests and your property.

First, check the condition of your safety gear, including ladders and other safety equipment such as life jackets and flotation devices for children or pets.  Look through your first aid kit and make sure it is stocked properly.

Also, make sure you have enough dock lines on hand to tie up boats and keep them secure during storms or rough weather conditions.   Wind can not only damage, but also completely blow away some of your favorite things in the blink of an eye.

It is also a smart move to have a device to alert  you of any dangerous electricity levels in nearby bodies of water, as this could pose a danger if someone were swimming nearby.  The WaveLink system can provide you with peace of mind that you are securing what matters most to you.  With the ability to detect dangerous electricity up to 120 feet away, WaveLink can add some piece of mind that allows you to focus on having a great time!

Spring is the perfect time to make sure you're ready to hit the water.

Spring is the perfect time to make sure you're ready to hit the water. Whether you own a boat or not, spring is an ideal season for getting your dock ready for summer. You can't launch until your dock is ready and if your boat sits on land all season, it's bound to be in pretty rough shape by next year's sailing season. Plus, who wants to spend all of their free time working on their dock instead of enjoying their boat?

With the right spring cleaning and maintenance, your dock will be ready for use in no time. Make sure you check all of its parts: floats, accessory hooks, and safety gear. You should also inspect the boat lift before using it again after winterizing in case there are any damages or repairs needed. Finally, clean off any debris from last year's use so that when spring arrives everything looks clean as a whistle!