We’re Thrilled to Announce the Pre-Sale Launch of WaveLink!

Several years ago, we discovered a dangerous problem without a solution. Even small amounts of electrical current in lake water can be fatal for swimmers. But while there were several water shock detection devices on the market, none proved to be very accurate or reliable. 

When it comes to the safety of our friends and family, accuracy and reliability are non-negotiable.

So we began exploring solutions for detecting electricity in freshwater. This proved to be a significant engineering challenge, and we encountered numerous obstacles in getting hardware and software to work together to accurately detect dangerous voltage in water without false alarms. This challenge led to the development of our patented algorithm which allows WaveLink to learn your waterscape and provide maximum detection range. We started testing our technology three years ago, and we are thrilled to announce that we are ready to launch the WaveLink Hub, the first device that reliably delivers the information you need to keep your friends and loved ones safe. 

You can get WaveLink for your dock today! Reserve your WaveLink here.

About WaveLink

Your lake home is central to many unforgettable memories, and you shouldn't have to worry that good times with family and friends will be interrupted by a preventable tragedy like electric shock drowning (ESD). 

WaveLink's software-based approach learns the water surrounding your dock, enabling our machine-learning algorithm to recognize dangerous electricity with unmatched accuracy. You can use the WaveLink App to connect to the dock-based WaveLink Hub from anywhere in the world. 

When WaveLink detects electricity in the water around your dock, it sounds an audible alarm, activates a visual beacon on the dock, and alerts your smartphone through the app.

It provides accurate, real-time information so you can take action to keep swimmers safe. With WaveLink, friends, family, and pets can swim with peace of mind. Read more about our WaveLink features here. 

WaveLink is now available for pre-sale! Reserve WaveLink for your dock here.