About WaveLink Secure: Securing What Matters

WaveLink Secure was founded with a mission to monitor docks and the surrounding water for dangerous electricity so that dock owners can take action to keep friends and loved ones safe.

A Tragic Problem Without A Solution

Roger Miller is a Master Electrician and the owner of Sky Electrical Contractors, LLC.  As more and more docks added electrical features like lighting, boat lifts, and refrigerators, Roger received questions about preventing electric shock drownings (ESD). These questions hit close to home when a friend lost a loved one in an ESD tragedy in 2017.

Roger is not someone who recommends a product unless he's sure it works, so he bought the most common devices used for detecting electricity in freshwater and put them to the test. He tested the four most popular solutions side by side, and the results were discouraging. When he set the sensitivity at an appropriate level, the devices generated false alarms. The only option for preventing false alarms was turning down the sensitivity. This is like trying to tune a radio station using the volume knob.

Roger knew that it must be possible to provide better information to keep swimmers safe.

wavelink prototype

EARLY prototype comparison

Accurate Detection Without False Positives

Company co-founder Roger approached his friends Matt Fitzgerald and Arnar Thors at Fitz-Thors Engineering to discuss the problem. Matt and Arnar were moved to take action because ESD is a preventable tragedy and they were eager to see how they could use their engineering expertise to keep people safe. Roger, Matt, and Arnar worked together to develop a software-based method for differentiating dangerous electricity from "noise" in the water, enabling sensitive and reliable detection of dangerous conditions without false positives. Then, they went one step further. They developed a machine-learning algorithm that allows a smart device to learn the unique waterscape around a dock, adding clarity to the distinction between harmful electricity and naturally occurring conditions.

So what does all that mean?

It means WaveLink Secure can detect dangerous electricity at up to 100 feet, a range 10 times greater than competitors could accurately achieve.


Be the first to protect your dock.


Your Link To Peace Of Mind

Founders Roger, Matt, and Arnar each grew up enjoying recreational lake life, swimming and skiing with friends and family on summer days making up some of their fondest memories. Later with families of their own and fully recognizing the dangers of ESD, they sought to safeguard the experiences of their loved ones at the lake.”  

“When no existing product was deemed suitable, the team directed their professional areas of expertise into the development of WaveLink.

Life has enough worries. You ought to be able to leave them behind when you come to the lake. WaveLink can reliably detect electricity in water, securing the swimming area so your friends and loved ones can relax.

Finally, freshwater dock owners can have peace of mind.