Keep Your Loved Ones Safe And Secure At The Lake

A lake home is one of life's biggest investments, and you shouldn't have to worry that good times with family and friends will be interrupted by a preventable tragedy like electric shock drowning (ESD). WaveLink Secure provides the information you need to keep everyone safe on your dock. 

The WaveLink Secure Hub is the first device capable of reliably monitoring your dock and swimming area for dangerous electricity without generating false alarms.



WaveLink Secure Hub

The WaveLink Secure hub monitors your dock and the surrounding water for hazardous conditions. Audible and visual alerts notify everyone on the dock when dangerous electricity is detected. The Hub includes high-power LTE cellular and a battery backup to keep you fully connected no matter where you are.

WaveLink Secure App

Get push alerts from your dock anywhere in the world. Access your WaveLink Secure Hub for real-time information, including water temperature, water clarity, barometric pressure, power outages, and more.


WaveLink Secure Features

Keep The Swimming Area Safe

Monitor up to 100ft. in diameter around your dock and detect dangerous electricity in the water, whether it originates from your dock or a neighbor's.

Get Alerts On The Dock

The WaveLink Secure hub provides audible and visual alerts when it detects dangerous conditions that could cause electric shock drowning.

App-Based Notifications

The WaveLink Secure App delivers alerts to your phone so that you can respond to dangerous conditions, power surges, power outages, and more. No additional hardware is required!

Monitor Conditions

Check environmental conditions at your commercial or private dock from anywhere in the world, including warnings, water temperature, water clarity, barometric pressure, and more.

A 30-Day History

WaveLink Secure keeps 30 days of historical data in the cloud to identify trends and intermittent problems before swimmers are at risk.

A Future-Proof Gateway

The WaveLink Secure hub supports automatic software updates to enable reliable monitoring and future WaveLink Secure products and services.