How to Entertain on Your Dock

Waterfront properties are every neighborhood’s envy for many reasons. The views, the entertainment value, and the peace that you can find on the water are unparalleled. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a waterfront property, you use your dock and boating equipment as much as possible throughout the year. 

However, with the winter finally upon us, you’re likely not spending as much time swimming, water skiing, or riding as you’d like. Boating season has come to a close for most parts of the U.S., but that doesn’t mean that fun on the water has to stop. Try out some of these entertainment ideas as the temperatures cool for a truly enjoyable holiday season: 

Afternoon Angling in the Fall

Even if you don’t want to go out on your boat, you can still enjoy fishing in the winter from your dock. As the lake fish prepare for winter, they will be hungrier than usual. Autumn afternoons are a great time to fish on the dock and enjoy some quiet time while the sun is shining.

Barbecues and Bonfires

If you have a spacious dock, you can bring the grill or a small fire pit to the dock for a fun outdoor picnic with the family. Some docks even have fireplaces built in to make the most of your waterfront property in the winter. This is the perfect antidote to cold winter afternoons and early sunsets. The twinkling of firelight on the still winter waters is truly irreplaceable. Your friends and family will love this simple and relaxing option for get-togethers in the fall. 

Decorate with Holiday Lights

As the holiday season rolls around, take advantage of your dock’s structure and add string lights, lanterns, wreaths, and garland to your dock. This can not only make your backyard more festive but will be appreciated by neighbors on the other side of the lake. It can also set your home apart for boat parades close to Christmastime.  

Take Family and Friends for a Christmas Lights Tour on the Water

Bundle up the kids and take a short ride to see the waterfront Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Many lake houses decorate both the front and backyards to make boating Christmas light tours possible. Make sure you bring plenty of blankets and hot cider -- the biting temperatures and wind from the boat ride can make even November weather feel frosty. 

Even if it’s too cold to swim, make sure everyone on your boat has a well-fitted life vest! 

Welcome Spring with a Sunbathing Afternoon

When the weather starts to warm again, but the water is still too cold to swim in, take advantage of your dock by sunbathing and enjoying the sunset. It will get the family excited for the boating season, and you don’t have to plan an entire outing to get some sun. Bring some snacks, drinks, and a good book for a lazy afternoon on the dock. 

Even if you’re not swimming by the dock in the winter, it's crucial to have year-long protection against electrical hazards, especially if you’re installing additional lights or other entertainment equipment. WaveLink offers an accurate monitoring system for hazardous electrical conditions in the water near your dock. The WaveLink hub will alert you if there are potentially dangerous conditions, so you can take action to keep your family away from the dangers of electric shock drowning (ESD). 

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